10 Modern Types of Haircuts for Guys

Women care about a man's haircut. The many types of haircuts for guys in the world can make a big difference in your dating life, self-esteem, and overall feeling as a man.

Tired of floppy hair and shaggy bangs? Ready for an attractive change? If you answered yes, then it's probably time you started searching for a new haircut.

It doesn't matter your size, facial-proportions, or shear ego. You can find a new look that matches your style. For the best way to boosting your new look, try looking at this list of modern male hairstyles.

1. The Blowout

Blowouts are a new type of man haircut inspired by the 50's Grease-era. However, this look is a more wild deviation from previous slick styles.

A blowout typically has shortened sides, almost like a fade. The top of the haircut is more of a pompadour-like style. The tall top is characterized by high-volume and a slightly controlled edge where your bangs would be.

Unlike other faded haircuts, you can choose to style the Blowout between smooth and uncontoured. Meaning, if you want a wild expression above your sides, you can ask for a slightly skewed shape to the top.

2. The Sweptback Highfade

A high fade is easy and requires moving up your fade closer to your crown. A sweptback high fade basically means that you're pulling your bangs towards the back of your head.

When you ask for this haircut, first establish how high you want your fade. A high fade doesn't mean you're approaching a buzzcut. Instead, show your barber a reference of a fade that neatly transitions into the top of your hair.

For the sweptback look, you can trim your hair from behind your bangs back to your neck, keeping your bangs long. After this, you can brush, comb, or blow your bangs into a sweepback.

3. Spikes and Fade

If you're tired of Jersey Shore spikes, you can ask for textured spikes and a high fade. This look requires some form of hair styling gel or mousse. If you choose this haircut, understand the difference between normal spikes and a textured appearance.

Basically, textured spikes add volume to your hair. This keeps an edgy look without losing a controlled style.

You can choose whatever approach to a fade you want here, but a high fade is recommended.

4. Side Part Bold

If you don't know what a side part is, think Clark Kent's Superman. Traditional side parts are a type of men's haircut used to represent formality and money. You can keep both of these qualities with the modern side part, but this version adds a faded look.

For this haircut, you can simply ask for a fade and a side part. Ask for enhanced "flow" for more fluidity behind your bangs. When you're ready, book an appointment with a hairstylist on your online calendar.

5. Modern Buzzcut

The modern buzzcut has become less militaristic and more stylish. This haircut style can include designed patterns along your scalp or on the side of your head.

You can also ask for a buzzcut that matches your profile. For an example of this, try out this useful comparison.

6. Messy Spikes

If you have thinner hair it's easier for a barber to make your hair flay and create movement. Try out messy spikes if you want a nonstandard look that still looks stylish.

You can achieve this look with or without a fade. It's recommended that you use some form of mousse or gel to keep your spikes moldable. However, if you want to lean into the "messy" side of things, you can use less gel and your spikes will naturally combine.

7. Midfades and Wavy Appearances

Some men have naturally wavy hair making it hard for barbers to find an even style. You can establish an innate style just by adding a slight fade.

In this case, ask for a mid fade and a barber will shave the side of your head half-way up. This allows your wavy hair to hang freely.

8. The High and Tight Look

A high and tight haircut adds a fade and shaped short hairstyle. For example, if you bring this to a barber s/he will transition an even fade into a shortened fohawk.

If you need a visual example, think of celebrities like Ryan Seacrest.

9. Undercut

An undercut is basically a high fade that slices into thick-parted hair. An undercut is one of many types of male haircut that involve controlling thick hair.

You can combine an undercut with a pompadour, raised buzzcut, or even wavy hair.

10. Caesar Cut

A Caesar cut draws attention toward the jaw and cheekbones. It's an overall short haircut that pulls hair towards the upper part of your scalp.

This fringe look cuts your hair evenly, sometimes focusing on lengthier hair on the top of your head. Some barbers might compare the Caesar cut to a French Crop.

If you choose the Caeser cut try adding any type of hair product. This will keep any cowlicks or loose hairs from springing up.

The Many Types of Haircuts for Guys

You can get the look you want without an ounce of trouble. If you're done messing around with a hairstyle that makes you cringe, don't wait a moment longer to make a cool change.

Are you tired of the same old types of haircuts for guys? Don't wait around while favorable trends pass you by. Go out and find a new look that matches your personality. You won't regret it.

When you've finally found a haircut that rocks, go ahead and add your new pictures to a great photo album of your choice.

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